Wholesale Parts FAQs:

Where are your wholesale prices?

       The prices listed are our wholesale prices. For large orders we can work with you on the price. However, we do a disservice to our quality when we price our Grade A parts like Grade C parts. If you want a $24 iPhone screen, you can get it, but there's a good chance 30-50% of them will be defective. We don't work this way. What's worse than a customer walking right back in with a defect after you fix their phone? Aside from water-boarding, nothing.

Do you really test your parts before shipping?

       Yes! Obviously many parts cannot be tested feasibly without a full installation, but all iPhone screens and batteries are tested prior to shipping. They are also tested by our manufacturer in China. Some defects can only be seen when the screen is fully installed and this may cause a defect every now and then, but we are committed to defect rates less than 5%, and that's what you can expect from us.

Why won't your site let me log in?

       Try checking out as a guest and then we can send you an account invite. This happens occasionally.


LCD Recycling FAQs:


Why do you want broken screens?    

        Because we find value in them! One repair shop's trash is our treasure!

How will I be paid?

        Normally via Paypal or check, but this is up to you. We've even paid out via Western Union or wire transfer. 

How long will it take for me to get paid?

        No longer than 5 days, usually far less than that. We just need sufficient time to test each unit and separate them accordingly.

How often should I send these to you?

        Usually once a month. If you fix 5-10 iPhone screens per day every 2 weeks would be best, but most repair shops prefer once a month.

Do you buy other iPhone LCDs besides iPhone 4/4S?

        We do not buy 3G/3GS LCDs, but we do buy iPhone 5/5C/5S LCDs.

How can I get a credit towards new parts for my broken screens?

        Just let us know and we'll apply the credit to your account by way of a promo code!