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The Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Replacement Parts

   When looking to buy replacement parts, you have probably come across a huge amount of choices sold

at different prices online. It can get overwhelming especially when you’re new to the repair business.

But the most important thing you have to figure out first is if the part is OEM or generic.

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer; it’s not generic or “aftermarket” as it is made by the

same manufacturer that made your device. For example, an original iPhone consists of OEM parts made

by a manufacturer exclusively for Apple. This goes without saying that OEM parts are of high standards

and have higher reliability.

   Aftermarket replacement parts are typically cheaper than OEM parts, but are most likely of lower

quality and often do not come with warranty. Using generic parts is risky because it can make the

device’s problem worse.

   Apple does not allow its manufacturers to sell their parts to distributors, wholesalers, or repair shops,

but you can still find a handful of third-party manufacturing companies that produce top-quality

replacement parts. The cost may be higher; nevertheless they meet the technical, visual, and quality

requirements of OEM parts. Even if you put an aftermarket and an OEM part next to each other, it

would be difficult to tell the difference between the two.

   But if it’s a low-quality part, you can immediately tell that it’s no good. For example, you can tell if an

LCD screen is of high standard if it is manufactured using the latest IPS (in-panel switching) technology.

Apple uses IPS on its iPhones, iPads, and iPods as this technology provides wider viewing angles, better

contrast, and richer colors. The glass is thicker and makes a solid sound when tapped.

On the other hand, a low-quality LCD screen uses the low-cost TFT (thin-film transistors) technology that

was used in older LCD panels. The glass feels very thin and almost like plastic. When you touch it, the

glass feels and sounds almost hollow.

   At LCDcycle, we offer parts that are of OEM and Grade A quality only. We also double check the parts in

our inventory before distributing them to repair shops to avoid a high defective rate. And since we

believe in the quality of our parts, we allow returns, no questions asked, if the markings on the parts are

ours and there are no damages.

   Nando V., a repair technician at iCare Repair Lansing, has been our long-term customer for a couple of

years now. “From my experience, LCDcycle has been very consistent in the quality of their parts

compared to other suppliers we’ve had. It takes time and money to resolve complaints if the parts are

not good enough, so it really helps that LCDCycle provides reliable parts for us.”